Feed your yard –

Give your yard some extra TLC this spring season and start a fertilization schedule to ensure a healthy and green lawn. Just like you require nutrients to survive and live your best life – so does your lawn!  Regular fertilization is essential to keep your lawn a bright green, lush and healthy.

Proper fertilization requires the following techniques:

Soil –

A soil test will allow you or the PROs to understand the exact nutritional makeup of your lawn’s soil. Your soil may be lacking specific compounds, or it may have an oversaturation of some.  By identifying these deficiencies and/or copious amounts of compounds you will be able to create the perfect cocktail for your yard!

Most fertilizers consist of a formula that is balancing the positive-charged and negative-charged nutrients most common in the soil’s chemical makeup.  Additives to the formula help to combat lawn weeds (crabgrass, dandelion, etc.) while encouraging root growth.

Fertilization METHOD

In this case – not all applications are equal!  Just because you used a particular method last year and had success doesn’t mean that it’s encouraging the most successful outcome for your yard.   There are multiple methods: controlled, slow-release, pre-emergent, post-emergent, spot treatments and blanket sprays.  By incorporating a little bit of each method, you are ensuring the freshest spring landscape and a healthy lawn carried into the summer months.

Quantity –

The right fertilizer, the right time and the right amount is what you need for a winning recipe.  In this case, less is more! Too much fertilizer can create a toxic environment and kill your plants and poison your soil for years which will prevent future new growth.  You always want to read the directions on the bag and follow the recommendations.  PRO tip: always lean toward the conservative amount. 

If you are an experienced do-it-yourself-er you can do this at home on your own but when you leave these applications to the PROs you are getting the best quality product and application techniques.  Our technicians are certified and will help you to achieve the best looking lawn on the block, give us a call!

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