Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Get the total package. Call Total Package Landscape for your customized pest control plan.

Total Package Landscape is the area’s total pest control experts, serving Ephrata, Lancaster, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Our insights and expertise in landscaping and hardscaping bring added value in helping commercial and residential clients protect their properties from a variety of pests:

Ants, Beetles/Carpet Beetles, Bed Bugs, Centipedes, Chinch Bugs. Cockroaches, Grubs, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Termites, Slugs, Spotted Lantern Flies, Wasps/Bees

Our pest control experts are trained to treat pest problems and prevent future issues for businesses and homeowners. We identify problem pests and the issues they create; we devise a plan to halt the problems they’ve caused; and we present an ongoing strategy for pest prevention and maintenance. When you partner with Total Package Landscape for pest control, you can expect peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your beautiful property from problems arising from unwanted pests.

Pest Control and Changing PA Seasons

Spring, summer, fall and winter can bring different pest control challenges to your home or business property. We can often prevent in spring, what can become a bigger problem in summer. Cooler months allow easier access to attics where pests can lay dormant until warmer weather arrives. Total Package Landscape helps you stay ahead of pest problems with maintenance plans customized for your property and situation. 

Pest Control Methods

We perform a full assessment of your property and take into account all factors before recommending a plan of action and method of treatment. Are we looking at a residential property or a commercial one? Does the issue call for interior or exterior treatment or both? Are there children or pets at the property? If you’re a business, do we need to schedule treatments after-hours?

A few examples of methods used for pest infestations are:

  • Physical Control – Trapping, fly papers, glue boards and UV lights are examples of physical pest control.
  • Baiting – Using poisoned food to kill the pests and/or deliver the bait to their nest or colony.
  • Fumigation – A liquid insecticide is sprayed into an airtight area for an extended period of time to target all life stages of the pests.
  • Spraying – Applying an insecticide along doorways, baseboards, windows, etc. Spraying allows for the space to continue to be utilized.

No-Cost Estimates

For a no-cost estimate for pest control services for your home or business, please fill out our Estimate Form and a representative from our company will get back to you as soon as possible.

You may also reach us by phone or email:

  • Ephrata Office: 717.733.8911
  • Philadelphia Office: 610.781.1126


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