Ice! Ice!

Winter weather – sleet, freezing rain, snow; all the dreaded words that come when winter’s looming presence surrounds us.  In Lancaster, PA we have been fortunate enough to not be… Read More

Cold weather ready!

It’s cold. Let’s be honest- it’s really cold!  And even though we haven’t had snow accumulation yet, we all know it’s bound to happen.  In this blog we will talk… Read More

Winter Blues

It’s November and the temperatures have dropped, quickly!!  We have experienced frosty mornings and I am already hearing some predictions of snow in the weather forecast.  YIKES!  Hopefully by now… Read More

Baby, it’s cold outside!

When the average person hears the word ‘pest’ they think of bugs and insects.  But let’s broaden your knowledge and talk about winter pests.  Common winter pest home invaders include… Read More

Pretreating Made Easy

Today is a great day to close out our series on snow removal! Here in Lancaster County, PA we’re in the middle of an expected 3-6 inches of the white… Read More

Snow Removal Tips from the Pros

Welcome to part 2 of our Snow Removal Series! We’ve covered how to be prepared before the snow even touches the ground, now it’s time to put that preparation to… Read More

Snow Preparation

It happened again. The snow came down and blanketed your home in a winter wonderland. The child in you marvels at the beauty. The adult in you groans knowing the… Read More

To Salt or Not To Salt

  Do you know what type of ice melt you should be using? Did you even know there are different types?   All of the ice melts are manufactured to… Read More

Coffee with a Side of Salt

Last week started slowly but ended with quite the bang! Clocking in at our largest snowfall in the winter of 2014-2015, we hope that this storm is both the best… Read More

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