Get to know TPL

Since 2003 Total Package Landscape has been providing beautiful solutions for residential and commercial properties in Lancaster county as well as the surrounding areas. With a focus on our customer’s… Read More

Winterizing your equipment

This week’s blog is going to focus on lawn mowers. Not just lawn mowers but the proper care and maintenance to keep your machine running at top notch performance for… Read More

I’ve got butterflies…

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies” This week’s blog comes on a lighter note – we are going spend some time discussing these beautiful, flying insects. Some… Read More

Farewell 2019!

Keeping with our holiday blogs “trivia edition” – welcome to New Year’s Eve segment! Share these fun tidbits with your family and friends! We wish you a safe and happy… Read More

Merry Christmas!

Just some little fun facts on this merry holiday season! We hope you enjoy your time with family & friends! Franklin Pierce is believed to be the first President (1853-1857)… Read More

Oh! Christmas Tree!

At Total Package Landscape part of our mission statement is to give back to our local community. We believe in being a presence in our ever growing hometown and being… Read More

Tis the season

Picture it: While doing your dishes you gaze out your kitchen window to appreciate your hard work in your beautiful backyard and you notice small mounds of dirt.  Hmmmm, that… Read More

Turkey Day Stats

In lieu of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d keep this blog light (unlike our bellies right now)! Here are some fun & interesting Thanksgiving stats – History: The first Thanksgiving celebration… Read More

We’ve Got Your Back!

Back pain and injuries are so frequent that it is the second most common reason employees call of sick, next to the common cold. The staggering fact is, with some… Read More

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