Enjoy the outside more….

The promise of spring brings fresh new ideas for outdoor living improvements. Being outside more along with entertaining family and friends is an easy persuasion to expand your outdoor living area.

In this blog we will discuss outdoor kitchens which Kitchen & Bath Design News cite as an increasing amenity and a trend that continues to go upward over the past 3 years. And based off of their review, they don’t see this pattern changing anytime soon.

Investing in an outdoor living area has been proven to increase the value of your home and is considered a lucrative investment. According to Zillow, homes that have an outdoor kitchen sell for almost 30% more than expected.

Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen/living area at your home.

  • Entertaining: Very popular among the boomers and millennials. Rymer Strategies Company says that 78% of boomers and 68% of millennials are willing to pay more than $5000 extra for this type of upgrade to their home. Grill nights, game nights, bonfires, and more can be enjoyed while still providing an open-air dining atmosphere for your loved ones. What a great way to entertain your guests and remain focused on the task of cooking without disrupting the fun everyone is having and still being apart of it!
  • Extra living space: Quite often your outdoor kitchen will mirror your indoor kitchen allowing you to utilize that outdoor space that was often overlooked. Remember you can make your area exactly how you like it: pizza ovens, smokers, and the addition of cabinets for storage. It’s no longer just a grill, we are taking it next level. In addition, adding a countertop will provide you extra space for food prep, bartending, as well as an area that your guests can crowd around while still remaining engaged with you.
  • Cooking: When creating an open outdoor kitchen area, you are able to create a space that allows for all hands to be on deck, comfortably. Depending on the logistics of your refrigerator, ice machine, etc. you are able to invite your guests to, comfortably and without interference, help themselves to whatever beverages they want. In addition, clean-up is a breeze – simply hose down the area!
  • Money: When you utilize an outdoor kitchen, you might notice a decrease in your utility bill. Cooking in your home’s kitchen on a hot summer day will force your air conditioning unit to work harder to keep your house cool. Step outside! Get some fresh air and save a few bucks.
  • Less eating out: Who doesn’t love to save money? With the installation of an outdoor kitchen, you are less likely to want to go out with your family or friends because you have all the amenities that you need at your home to entertain.

At Total Package Landscape, our designer can help you create a beautiful outdoor living area at your home. Our team will be with you the entire time to create a functional design that allows you to live your best life!

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