Ticks Are Coming For You


The Ticks Are Coming

Did you know ticks aren’t insects? Ticks are actually arachnids! Related to spiders, scorpions and even mites. (Who came up with this species??)

Ticks are also mini vampires. Literally. Their ONLY food source is blood. I get people say every bug is here for a reason but what reason is a tick here for? No good one I can think of.

Bear with me while I say this. There are about 850 species of ticks, yes you read correctly, EIGHT HUNDRED and FIFTY. The most common one being the American Dog Tick. They prefer dogs, but us humans are good enough when they can’t have their 5-star Shih Tzu. What did dogs ever do to deserve this??

They don’t even have to fly or jump to get on you or your beloved pet. All they have to do is wait for you to walk by drop down from a tree or climb up a grass blade and just casually hop on you like you’re some big walking blood bank for them.

They bury their long, curved teeth into you and can literally eat on you for days. They typically need 24-48 hours of feeding time to transmit Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Talk about never wanting to go on a hike again.

With it finally getting nicer out, you can only do so much to stop a tick from feeding off you.

  • Use DEET when going out.
  • Wear light colored protective clothing. (no tick likes to stand out)
  • Tuck pants into socks.
  • Avoid tick-infested areas.
  • Check yourself and anyone who goes out with you regularly.


If you don’t want ticks in your yard or don’t know if they are there and don’t want the risk of getting them while you check, call us today 717-733-8911! We take care of indoor and outdoor pest control. Total Package Landscape is the place that will terminate your pests!


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