Put It In Your Garden, Not The Trash!

Gardening is a wonderful and productive hobby to have. From the health benefits to the actual flowers and vegetable, you might be harvesting. However, just like any other hobby, the costs can start to add up. Luckily there are many money-saving tricks out there. Most of them start in your kitchen! Before your head for the trash can take a second look at these tricks!

1. Coffee Grinds

Although debated in the gardening community, coffee grinds are said to be a slug deterrent and add some vitamins to the soil

2. Banana Peels

You can blend them into a liquid or just throw them straight into the soil if your not concerned about the aesthetics.  Tons of easy nutrients!

3. Beer

Pour half of a beer into a watering can with 1 tablespoon of Epson salts and 2 tablespoons of fish emulsion

4. Egg

Pop a whole egg into a pot before the dit and pants. It will decompose and give you easy fertilizer!

5. Egg Shells

Don’t want to splurge for fancy vitamin rich soil? Its eggs to the rescue again! Take eggs shells and blend them up into a powder. Just mix or sprinkle in with your dirt. So easy!

6. Hard Boiled Egg Water

Lat egg related tip, I promise. Let the water cool after you’ve boiled the eggs (and removed them, obviously) and pour that calcium-rich water over your thirsty plants

7. Potato

It sound like a middle school science project, but it works! Take a rose trimming in stick it right into a potato. Put the potato in a hole and cover it up with soil. THe potato will stabile the trimming and give it some food!

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