Winter’s visitors

Although you may no longer see mosquitos, flies and bees swarming outside (thankfully to the cold weather) that doesn’t mean that pest control should be forgotten about in the winter… Read More

Bedbug 101

Did you hear about the guy who took bedbugs into a Pennsylvania Walmart?  There is no punchline to this question- This is a real headline that graced CNN’s web page… Read More

Ice! Ice!

Winter weather – sleet, freezing rain, snow; all the dreaded words that come when winter’s looming presence surrounds us.  In Lancaster, PA we have been fortunate enough to not be… Read More

Farewell 2019!

Keeping with our holiday blogs “trivia edition” – welcome to New Year’s Eve segment! Share these fun tidbits with your family and friends! We wish you a safe and happy… Read More

Merry Christmas!

Just some little fun facts on this merry holiday season! We hope you enjoy your time with family & friends! Franklin Pierce is believed to be the first President (1853-1857)… Read More

Bird is the word!

We have come to the time of year where yards are covered with snow and all that remains are the bare trees or perhaps a few pops of green from… Read More

Oh! Christmas Tree!

At Total Package Landscape part of our mission statement is to give back to our local community. We believe in being a presence in our ever growing hometown and being… Read More

Tis the season

Picture it: While doing your dishes you gaze out your kitchen window to appreciate your hard work in your beautiful backyard and you notice small mounds of dirt.  Hmmmm, that… Read More

Turkey Day Stats

In lieu of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d keep this blog light (unlike our bellies right now)! Here are some fun & interesting Thanksgiving stats – History: The first Thanksgiving celebration… Read More

Holiday Planters

It’s my favorite time of the year – the holiday season!  And while I am not a fan of the cold weather or the white fluffy stuff that comes with… Read More

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