Pesty bugs Pt.III – Seasons

Did you know that pests are influenced by seasons?

Let’s take a look at the type of pests that you can expect to encounter in your home during each season as well as the precautions that you can take to keep them out of your home!

SPRING: a beautiful time of the year when winter starts to exit, and all things begin to bloom. Temperatures start to rise and pests start to become active again. During the winter, bees, wasps, and other stingy pests go dormant but the warm weather is just enough to wake these guys up to start causing problems. Quite often those “April showers” put ants on a mission to seek higher ground – quite often in your home. In addition to the warmer weather and rain, it’s mating season for the pests. Even though you may notice an increase of their activity they are, more often than not, looking for food and their lover. Some pests are certainly only looking to seek shelter, in your home, so it’s imperative that you are paying attention to little clues they may leave throughout your home; piles of bug wings and/or ant invasions.

SUMMER: high temps and lots of fun to be had outdoors. During summer months, you will notice less pests trying to find refuge in your home with the exception of mosquitos. We all know what a nuisance mosquitos can be – they thrive off of the muggy conditions and love being around water (which is a common breeding site for them). You won’t often find them in your home as they love the high humidity that the summer brings. You will see an influx of bees and wasps as well as ticks. We are all aware of the health issues that come along with these guys so it’s best to be preventative when outside by using blockers such as DEET or more natural remedies.

FALL: the summer heat begins to fade and pests start to prepare to come indoors, they are looking for warmth and shelter. Most homeowners begin to notice a rise in spiders coming in your home but these guys are, usually, non-concerning as they will remain hidden in cracks and dark spots of your home. It’s very important during this time to inspect your home for any cracks, holes, gaps along siding, garage doors, attics, etc. This will help to prevent a bigger pest – MICE from taking residence in your home.

WINTER: the coldest of temperatures are guaranteed to force pests into hiding/shelter. While some insects will hibernate to conserve their energy as well as the frigid temps while others may migrate to the south. All the stingy things prefer to take heed in logs and trees while ants prefer to live amongst their colonies. However, mice are non-tolerant to harsh temps and this is when they will find shelter in your home. Again, this is why it is so important to assess your home in fall to ensure that they have no way to find home, rent free!

If you find yourself suffering from any of these pests or any others, for that matter, our certified specialists can assist you with prevention, detection, and fumigation. Give us a call and leave the unwanted pests to the PROs!

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