Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

The Spotted Lanternfly is just another part of 2020 that we can’t get away from. If you have noticed these pests- this blog is for you! We will be discussing the Spotted Lanternfly and effective ways to trap them at your home.

The Spotted Lanternfly in an invasive planthopper that comes originates from Asia but crept its way into southeastern PA in 2014. We know that the Spotted Lanternfly feeds, causing damage, to crops such as grapevines, hops, hardwoods, and ornamentals. There are a few different ways to trap the Spotted Lanternfly during the different stages of its life. Let’s take a look.

The most effective trap for the Spotted Lanternfly is a funnel style trap that is referred to as a circle weevil traps or “circle trap” which wraps around the trunk of the trees that are hosting the Spotted Lanternfly. While the Spotted Lanternfly crawls up the trunk of the tree to continue feeding, the Spotted Lanternfly is guided into a container at the top of the funnel. You can also save money when using this method since you can build these types of traps from materials you have already in your home.

Another method – and most common for homeowners are sticky bands. This requires wrapping a band around the trees that are infested with Spotted Lanternflies thus having them caught in the sticky paper. However, you have to be careful when utilizing this method because the sticky tape can “grab” other animals such as birds, squirrels, and butterflies. These traps should be checked weekly and changed when there is no more room to catch additional Spotted Lanternflies or the bands lose their stickiness.

A tree trap is another option for the snagging the Spotted Lanternfly. Some key things to remember with tree traps – only use them when use see the Spotted Lanternfly feeding or crawling on trees. You cannot use this method on bushes or vines. This type of trap will need to be removed at the end of the season and should be used along with sticky bands that should be attached to the infected trees between late April – June.

Spotted Lanternflies are a common problem in Pennsylvania and while there has yet to be an effective treatment created to rid us completely of them, we do have options that are available to reduce their population.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation regarding the Spotted Lanternfly- give us a call! Our certified pest specialists are available to examine your property and provide you with an effective treatment for not only the Spotted Lanternfly but any other common pest you may encounter.

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