Snow Preparation

It happened again. The snow came down and blanketed your home in a winter wonderland. The child in you marvels at the beauty. The adult in you groans knowing the work ahead to shovel your walkways, patios & driveway.  There has to be a better way.

In this 3-part series we’ve asked our professionals how to best prepare for and execute the easiest snow removal season you’ve ever had! Part-1 will focus on preparation, followed by part 2 which will focus on execution. Part 3 will double down on the ins and outs of salting.

4 Ways to Prepare for Snow

1. Know Where Your Tools and Supplies Are

The last thing you need when your all bundled up and ready to tackle the job ahead is to realize your shovel and other supplies are snowed in and trapped in the shed.

Gather all the tools and supplies you will need ahead of time in an easily accessable area that won’t also be buried in snow. Now’s not the time to play treasure hunt!

2. Speaking of Supplies…

Obviously, you will need your shovel or snow blower (make sure your blower has gas or is charged!). But let’s not forget other tools of the trade like

·      Salt

·      Stakes

·      Alternative shovel

·      Quality winter clothing (or, at least, a change of clothes if anything starts to soak in)

3. Place Those Stakes

A great way to tear up your yard while doing snow removal is to not know where your yard is.

Take a few minutes to place your markers a few feet apart on the edge of your lawn or other areas you want to avoid with your shovel. This small step can save you lots of time and money in the spring, spent repairing damage.

4. Pre-Treat

This one can get a little trickier than most people realize. Salt and other melting agents can be a great tool when used correctly. However, common mistakes include

·      Using too much

·      Using the wrong kind

·      Not cleaning it up

·      Applying to sensitive areas (grass and certain walkway materials)

We will get into the nitty-gritty of salting in part 3. Stay tuned!

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