How To Decorate With Live Greenery

Mistletoes, Wreaths, and Poinsettias are the most common live decorations during Christmas time. It’s neat to give other plants a try and use plants that people haven’t even thought of!… Read More

DIY Backyard Soil test

When we plant flowers or shrubs in our yards to make them more beautiful we spend lots of time educating ourselves on all the different kinds of plants there are… Read More

Got Shade?

Planting in Shaded Areas Not everyone has a yard that receives endless amount of sunlight. Sometimes there are large tress that are growing in your yard, or perhaps your home… Read More

To Salt or Not To Salt

  Do you know what type of ice melt you should be using? Did you even know there are different types?   All of the ice melts are manufactured to… Read More

Coffee with a Side of Salt

Last week started slowly but ended with quite the bang! Clocking in at our largest snowfall in the winter of 2014-2015, we hope that this storm is both the best… Read More

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