Prepping For Winter Months

Is your home ready for the winter months when all those pests are seeking asylum?

Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Make sure that all food is cleaned up right away.  Don’t leave crumbs lying around.  Pests LOVE crumbs!  Wipe down all counters/tables daily with wipes or special cloths.  If possible, make sure all food is kept in airtight containers if in the pantry or keep in the fridge.

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2. Keep the inside of your home clean. Vacuum, mop and remove all garbage/debris on a regular basis.  Dusting and removing cobwebs are just as important.

3. Make sure there are no openings for the pests to get in.  Usual areas are around windows, doorways and electrical outlets.  The tiniest cracks will let in such pests like spiders, ants, cockroaches, and even mice!  Have any cracks sealed up tightly.

4. Look for areas with “rub” marks.

Rub marks from the Norway rat.

5. Check all clothing for spiders or other pests. They like dark areas such as shoes, pockets, gloves, etc.  Other areas to check would be closets, basements, attics and inside bins or boxes that aren’t used often.   Some pests such as spiders and German cockroaches use the drains to enter your home so check toilets, sinks and sump pump areas as well.

6. Inspect outside your home as well. Don’t keep any debris or garbage on your property.  If you have a wood pile, keep an eye out for snakes, spiders, termites, carpenter ants and beetles in and around firewood piles. Keep your woodpile covered as wet wood attracts more insects.





7. Keep items such as shrubs, flowers, and trees from touching your house. Make it harder for critters to get onto and inside of your home.



Don’t have time to inspect every aspect of your home?  Have one of our certified pest control experts out for a FREE inspection.  717-733-8911  Click here to contact us today!

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