Retaining Walls Can Solve Your Sloping Property!

Sloping properties can be a problem for homeowners, however retaining walls can solve many of the issues that come along with a steep grade in a yard.

planting  plant retaining

Retaining walls can help provide planting areas throughout your yard


There are many variations of retaining walls, and it is important to consult with a professional to determine what your needs are. Then, you can begin to develop a plan to best support your property’s needs and add character to your yard.



geo grid

Close up of geogrid technolog


Walls that will need to hold significant earth require geogrid, a synthetic material used to reinforce soil and maintain a retaining wall.

A retaining wall with proper support can resolve poor drainage, treacherous mowing conditions, and increase the usable space in your yard. Adding steps can also add character and provide different elevations for increasing the usability of your outdoor area, provide planting opportunities, and allow you to enjoy more of your property than without.

semma suprema wall

Techo bloc retaining wall


Hardscaping is certainly an art, and we love creating masterpieces for homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

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