Pesty bugs – PT. I

In this 2-part series we are going to take a closer look at the most common pests that you may see invade your home.

Ants: The first thought when an ant is seen is “who left out the leftovers?”. But ants will seek safety in your home when it’s cold and wet or when it’s hot and dry. Sounds like a lose/lose situation. Rest easy though, while they may be a bother, they are not a harm. These ants won’t eat the wood in your BUT they may burrow into it, creating a nest.

Beetles: the most common inset in the WORLD. “Carpet” beetles are known to eat on dried foods in your cupboards such as flour, cornmeal, crackers and cereal. These pests are notorious for building their home in wool clothing, carpet, lint, and all the other nooks and crannies in your home like drawers.

Centipedes: the sight of one of these bad boys running out of the shower in the morning is sure to wake you up right away! They have many legs and they look scary, but did you know, centipedes like to snack on cockroaches, spiders, and beetle larvae. Most commonly they can be found near cracks in concrete, cardboard boxes, and drains. If you are noticing an abundance of these scary-sights, take a deep breath, and know that they are there to eat away any other pests you may have.

Wasps/Bees: there are so many species – we have the honeybee, paper wasp, yellow jacket, and hornets. You are most likely to see these guys flying into small holes around your roof. The hardest part of containing these guys is locating the nest. Proper removal of the nest will help to reduce the sight of them.

Cockroaches: EEEK! (this is the scariest bug in the world to me!) And these babies are problematic. This nuisance will destroy paper, bring bacteria into your home, contaminate food, and even trigger asthma. The most common of this species is the German cockroach. In 1 year, Momma can produce 30,000 babies. They can be found all over your kitchen, bathrooms, food/water storage areas, clutter, and warm areas.

Mosquitoes: while this flying pest will not wreak havoc on your home, it may be an issue for your skin. Known for feeding off the blood of humans and pets, they can sometimes carry serious diseases like the West Nile or Zika. There are tons of sprays on the market to help protect yourself from the bloodsucking pests. Mosquitoes can be prevented with a few home remedies such as lavender, mint, tea tree oil, garlic, and even coffee grounds.

In next week’s blog we will finish off the list of pests that you may see in your home or on your property.

If you are experiencing issues regarding pest infestation – you can always call the PROS. Our licensed and certified pest experts are waiting to help you!

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