Landscaping vs. Hardscaping

Looking around your neighborhood you are bound to pick out which of your neighbors has the most eye-pleasing property. Their greens are green, their walkways are clean and functional, and it all comes together to make a perfect gem of property maintenance.

What’s their secret?

It’s probably knowing what the appropriate mix of landscaping and hardscaping is!

Wait, what’s the difference?

Landscaping is the care and management of the living elements in your yard. Mowing the grass, trimming shrubs, and mulching are all examples of landscaping activities.

Landscaping done in Lancaster, PA

Hardscaping is the other end of the spectrum. Using stone, brick, or other hard elements to create a functional environment. Projects like patios, outdoor kitchen and living areas, or water features fall under hardscaping.

Hardscaping project- a beautiful fire pit

When deciding how much of one element or the other to incorporate into your yard, think about how you want the area to be used. Would you like a colorful, private oasis full of plants and life, or a lively entertaining space? Do you have children or pets that frequent the area or mostly adults who will appreciate a beautiful fountain and well buil deck?

The awesome thing about about landscape and hardscape is you can absolutely incorporate a perfect mixture of any of these examples and much more!

Another thing to consider is your geographical location. Someone in Phoenix, AZ might want to think about drought season before investing in a large yard and fussy plants. Home owners here in Lancaster, PA should acknowledge we get a full 4 seasons including regular days in the 90’s in the summer and frequent snowstorms in the winter.

A mixture of landscaping (plants & mulching) and hardscaping (man-made stream created from stones)

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