Got Shade?

Planting in Shaded Areas

Not everyone has a yard that receives endless amount of sunlight. Sometimes there

are large tress that are growing in your yard, or perhaps your home and your

neighbors homes prevent the sun from actually hitting large portions of your yard.

Luckily, in Pennsylvania there are plenty of trees, shrubs and flowers that grow

beautifully without needing much sunlight. To be considered a shaded area the

space should receive no more than 2 hours of sunlight in a 24 hour period.

You will still want to do some research to educate yourself on what kind of soil the

plants you chose to grow in your yard thrive in. Some plants or shrubs prefer a more

acidic soil where others aren’t affected by a soil’s PH levels. Some plants encourage

better growth with a moist soil while others grow best with dry soil. You can always

check online to find out what conditions a specific plant does best in, but in most

cases the information will be provided for you when you purchase the plants


We’ve compiled a list of some of the more common trees, shrubs and plants you

might find in Pennsylvania, some are more common than others but you can be sure

they’re all beautiful.

Small Trees

• Serviceberry

• American hornbeam

• Redbud

• Fringetree

• Flowering dogwood

• Chinese dogwood

• Corneliancherry dogwood

• Witch hazel

• Sweetbay magnolia

• Canadian hemlock


• Bottlebrush buckeye

• Red chokeberry

• Black chokeberry

• Carolina allspice

• Summersweet

• Redvein enkianthus

• Dwarf fothergilla

•Smooth hydrangea


Perennials & Herbs

• Bear breeches

• Monkshood

• Baneberry

• Lady’s mantle

• Anemone

• Columbine

• Jack-in- the-pulpit

• Goatsbeard

• Ginger

• European ginger

• Astilbe


These are just some of the plants and shrubs that thrive in a shaded area. Luckily

there are so many to chose from it will be easy to have your yard looking unique and

to your own specific taste!

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