How To Get Rid of The Pesky Outdoor Pest

Pest Repellant Plants

One of the things I look most forward to when the weather starts warming up are those few hours in the evening where I can relax outside with a cold drink in my hand. Now, if you’re anything like me- those precious minutes are cut short when there are pests flying around and jumping all over me.  I’ve tried everything to get rid of them, there are shelves of products at any superstore specifically aimed at keeping bugs away. I tried the candles, which did work but only for about an hour or so. You always have the option of dousing yourself in that really stinky bug spray, but the scent really is unbearable and in order for the spray to be effective is to continue to reapply every hour or so. It almost seemed hopeless until I remembered something my mom mentioned to me a few years back about growing lavender and placing bunches of it around outside.

So I got curious and thought if Lavender could do it, maybe there are other plants that could do it as well. I started doing research and found a couple of great articles that outline white plants and herbs you can grow to help keep mosquitos and other bugs away. These plants expel natural oils that act as a bug repellent. Not only will you be able to enjoy more time outside without being bothered, (unless you have kids) but less bugs will encourage better growth in your gardens.

Types of plants I found that help keep bugs and pests away

  • Basil will repel mosquitos and houseflies. You can even make a home made bug repellent by boiling 4oz. water and pouring it over a container of freshly picked basil (stems in tact). Let this sit for a couple of hours, then remove the basil squeezing the water from the leaves, add 5 oz. of cheap vodka. Keep this mixture in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.
  • Lemongrass also repels mosquitos because it contains a high amount of citronella, which mosquitos hate.
  • Allium plants repels carrot flies, cabbage worms, and slugs which are all insects that are sure to invade your garden and spoil your crop.


  • Chrysanthemums contains an ingredient known as pyrethrum which is an insect repellent you may not have heard of. These flowers will help repel all kinds of stuff, including the insects that fly and jump around such as Lice, fleas, spider mites, Japanese beetles, ants and even roaches.
  • Marigolds can repel mosquitoes, aphids and even rabbits!
  • Lavender repels months, flies, fleas and mosquitoes. It produces and overwhelming scent to an insect. This should be planted in a sunny location or gather a small boquet and tie some twine around the bottom and hang them from entryways to your home, or on your deck.


Planting some of these herbs or flowers will surely help decrease the amount of insects around your home, but don’t get too bent out of shape if you can’t get rid of them completely. I still notice the presence of insects, but not nearly as many and I can now enjoy my evenings lounging outside!  For professional pest control in Lancaster and surrounding areas.  Or for more information on pest control, check out Ehrlich


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