Cockroaches in the Home

It the insect we love to hate, the cockroach. In fact, their name has even become an insult to mean a sneaky, dirty, undesirable person. (Cockroaches need to get their PR guy on the phone!)

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Let’s break down that description

Sneaky: Just like most living things, cockroaches need food, water, and shelter to live. Guess where there is an abundance of all three? Yep, your house! Especially in the winter, your home is a prime source of safe little areas to hole up in until the spring. And in the meantime, your leftovers on the counter and the leaky faucet is the land of milk and honey. I’d hide out too if I was getting such a great deal!

Dirty: While the sight of cockroaches is associated with a dirty environment, this is not necessarily true. Are you more likely to see cockroaches in a messy house with exposed food and plentiful hiding spots? Yes. Does seeing a cockroach in your pristine palace mean you’re not the clean captain you thought you were? No! Even if you know to keep your food covered and put away, cockroaches will still seek out nearby shelter as stated above.

Undesirable: Okay here’s where things take a turn for the worst. In their search for all that food, water, and shelter, cockroaches can get into some pretty gross places. Think bathrooms, dumps, and even sewers. They can pick up the germs living in these places and then take a friendly stroll right into your kitchen, share your food, and leave behind those disease-causing germs as a little present. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), some of the health concerns from roaches can include[i]

·      diarrhea
·      dysentery
·      cholera
·      leprosy
·      plague
·      typhoid fever
·      viral diseases such as poliomyelitis

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So how do we get rid of this pest? Or better yet, how do we prevent them from ever stepping foot in your home?

Some options include things like bait or bleach. While this can be effective in certain situations, our neighborhood roaches are some of the most adaptable creatures on the planet. If they got in once, they will likely be back.

Your best chance at eradicating cockroaches from your home is to get the professionals in there. They can assess the environment and use the least amount of chemicals for the maximum effect. They can also find the entry points and give you some personalized advice to take care of the issue quickly and cleanly.

Total Package Landscape is proud to offer pest control services in addition to your landscaping or hardscaping needs, or as stand-alone service. We have trained, licensed professionals who are ready to make your home the safe, pest-free space it’s supposed to be.

Dead Cockroach

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