Quick Guide to Year Long Planting

What to plant during each season: If you love planting and gardening, I’m sure you are excited to know you can plant all throughout the year! Here are just some… Read More

DIY Backyard Soil test

When we plant flowers or shrubs in our yards to make them more beautiful we spend lots of time educating ourselves on all the different kinds of plants there are… Read More

Got Shade?

Planting in Shaded Areas Not everyone has a yard that receives endless amount of sunlight. Sometimes there are large tress that are growing in your yard, or perhaps your home… Read More

Rusty Patched Bumble Bees Dying Out

Unless you’ve been hibernating with the bears this past year, you have heard the media talk about the possible extinction of bees.  For the first time ever, The U.S.  Fish… Read More

Planting Your Spring Flower Garden

Your Flower Garden:  Stopping to Smell the Roses Planting flowers and shrubbery can form a beautiful landscape around your home that will create a welcoming and warm environment in your… Read More

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