Backyard creatures –

Silence isn’t always golden..

Especially when it comes to your water garden.

Birds, bees, and amphibians such as frogs are disappearing at alarming rates. According to the International Union for Conservation, 1 in 3 of all amphibians are considered an endangered species. Since the 1970s more than 200 species of frogs have completely disappeared from this world. It’s important that we do our part to ensure the livelihood of those that remain.

Frogs are imperative in water systems as they provide diversity as well as sustainability in the ecosystem. Once the frog finds somewhere that meets all of his basic needs such as water, food, shade, and security he will make himself at home and coexist with your other fish, plants, insects and other wildlife. Should you find a frog in your pond/water feature you can take relief knowing that you are part of the solution to keep them around for many more years. If your home as an abundance of insects, worms, snails, dragonflies, mosquitos, and grasshoppers take comfort in knowing that they will attract frogs for feeding. Larger frogs may feast on small animals such as fish, mice, snakes, and turtles. Don’t fear though, if you have fish in your pond, the frogs will not eat them unless the fish is already sick and weak.

Don’t feel defeated if you have recently installed a water feature and have not received any ribbiting guests. It takes time and patience. Here are some additional things to take into consideration when installing or developing a water ecosystem that you wish to have frogs take shelter in:

  • Lots of plants, especially long grasses surrounding the water feature
  • They prefer calm and slow water
  • They love hiding places; make sure you create some nooks and crannies or large pots on their sides will provide shelter on the ledge of your pond
  • They like to dig so include a tray in your ecosystem that can be filled with compacted soil and covered with gravel
  • It’s better to let your pond attract frogs on its own rather than trying to stock your pond

Frog facts:

  • Frogs love the water because it provides two things that they love; food and water.
  • Frogs will only remain in your water IF it is a thriving, healthy eco system.
  • Frogs will serenade you through your day as you enjoy your water feature.
  • Frogs start their lives in water as tadpoles which explains their desire for it.
  • Frogs can also be found in trees, tucked away in grasses, and burrowed beneath dirt.
  • Frogs can easily change color on demand making them natural-born hunters.
  • Frogs are carnivores.
  • Frogs use their long, muscular tongues to capture their victims.
  • Frogs have 360-degree vision.
  • Frogs have hearing sensitivities.
  • Frogs prefer hunting at night.
  • Frogs have no teeth requiring swallowing their prey whole.
  • Frogs skin carries toxins that makes them taste gross to their hunter.

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