6 Tips for A Perfectly Mowed Lawn

Mow Dry

While mowing wet grass isn’t necessarily bad for the grass itself, wet clippings can clump up and make for an uneven mow. There’s also the risk of damaging the mowing if those clumps get too big.

Mow Cool

Most people tend to mow after work or when the sun isn’t so harsh. While this is more comfortable for you (and better for your skin!) it’s also beneficial for the grass. When you give your lawn a haircut, the grass goes into panic mode and tries to do damage control. It’s easier for it to ‘heal’ when the temperature is cooler, especially if you are indeed mowing in the evening and giving it overnight to recover.

Mow Long

Cutting too short might look tidy at first, but it’s overexposing the base of the grass to the elements and cutting off the part of the blade that produces food. Especially in shady areas, leave a little length, your yard will thank you.

Mow Sharp

Regularly check on your mower blades and make sure they’re in tip-top shape!

Mow Green

Leave those clippings alone! That’s natural, free fertilizer you might be missing out on. Not to mention, it’s just so much less work to not worry about cleaning the clippings!

Mow Crazy

Okay, not like, CRAZY crazy. Just avoid mowing in the same pattern every time. Grass can be trained to grow in certain ways. When you take the same path every time, you are preventing the even growth to the entire yard.

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